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sunset palmEstablished in 2004 originally with exclusively body & bath products, the transition to an All Hawaiian Shop came as a surprise and gift after a particularly difficult time for my family. One of my daughters had a near death injury with permanent complications in 2002, and her injuries were such that I was not able to leave for any period of time for several years.

I had just visited Hawaii a few months before this tragedy and the memory of the serenity, beauty and Aloha Spirit sustained me through many, many difficult days through the coming years. When I was able to return to Hawaii in 2006, I made a life changing special trip, in which I was physically, mentally and spiritually revitalized; I returned with as much Hawaiian Memorabilia as I could ship and carry.

As the packages arrived and I had them laying about the body and bath shop, customers would comment on how much they liked everything and asked if they could buy my items and if I could get more. I discovered that many people in Klamath County have been blessed as I was with special memories and a heart of Aloha for Hawaii, and as such ...

OHANA MOMMA'S "The Place to go for Hawaiian Soul" was born.

The special requests Ohana Momma's receives to make a birthday, wedding, final Aloha, graduation, etc. have been as big a blessing to me as those who make the requests. Seeing the joy that comes when OHANA MOMMA'S can provide a special item, clothing piece, music, momento, etc. brings to all who love and support Hawaii and the Aloha Spirit is what keeps OHANA MOMMA'S dedicated to providing all things Hawaiian to the Kama aina and those Hawaiian at Heart.

OHANA MOMMA'S strives to keep our prices at or below those which you would find if you were purchasing while in Hawaii.

In addition to items for purchase we offer a variety of activities, information, lessons, etc. for the full Hawaiian experience. We strive to add, improve and expand the Aloha Spirit throughout our community.


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